2 Book DIY's for Summer! ☀️

It's finally summer, which means summer break. I'm so relieved I finally get to relax, chill and have some time to myself. But sometimes I get off-the-hook-BORED. I'm pretty sure some of you can relate to this. So I made 2 Book DIY's that I hope you guys enjoy. You can go watch this on YouTube if you prefer or you can stay here and click on the video icon. Hope you guys like it! 

DIY Natural Lava Lamp Lip Tint

Yes! I'm back with another lip DIY! But to be honest, I'm having great fun making these lip DIY's! Whenever I make any DIY, whether it's a craft related one or makeup related one, I feel all crafty and real goood when I make it! The bottom of the actual lip tint has a lava lamp effect, so it looks SUPER cool. Anyways, this DIY is so easy to make and this tint makes your lips look so pink with a natural touch. It also makes your lips more pink!

Continue Reading if you want to make this ahh-mazing DIY Lip Tint! 


  • Coconut Oil
  • Beet Juice
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Sequins/Glitter (Optional)
  • Empty Roll on Bottle
  • Funnel
  • Bowl
  • Spoon 


1. Put some petroleum jelly into a bowl

2. Flatten the petroleum jelly on the surface of the bowl

3. Add the coconut oil in

4. Now, add the beet juice. Adding the beet juice at the end will add a "lava" effect

5. Mix thoroughly 

6. Insert a funnel in the roll on bottle

7. Start pouring the tint inside 

8. Add some sequins or glitter

9. Lastly, pop on the lid and shake to see a lovely lava lamp effect!

10. Voíla! 

Finally! I've got admit that this is my favourite lip DIY so far! when applying the tint, you can keep it on or wipe it of to reveal a lovely and natural colour. If you decide to keep it on, your lips will get an extra glossy look. This stays on for about 2 hours. The coconut oil, petroleum jelly and beet juice go together perfectly! You should definitely try this amaze DIY out! You'll love it, I'm a 100% sure! 

Comment down below what you want me to do next! Love you guys! :) 

DIY Natural Lip Scrub

Happy April Fools Day! Now, you have a lip balm but no lip scrub? Well, the lovely combination won't be completed then! I guess a lot of you were happy with my previous post; DIY Lip Balm, so I'm making another one today! I had tons of fun making it! I love making DIY's and sharing it with my regular readers. If you want me to do a DIY Lip Natural Lip Tint, comment below and I'd be happy to make it! Lets get started!

  • Thick Sugar Crystals
  • Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
  • Lip Balm Mixture//something to give it color  
  • Small Container
  • Clear Lip Gloss


1. Take your Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and put some in a bowl

2. Add the thick sugar crystals

3. Mix thoroughly 

4. For color, add some leftover lip balm mixture

5. Now, mix until everything is combined 

6. Take your container and start placing the mixture into it

7. My container had a logo on it, so I placed a sticker on top of it 

8. There you have it! A moisturizing lip scrub made in minutes!

This lip scrub is lovely and makes a perfect combo with your DIY lip balm. This has a tint of peach which I love! I've been using this since I made it. This keeps my lips moisturized for about 3 hours! It smells amazing since I used a store bought lip gloss which had a light fragrance of mint. 

I hope you guys liked my DIY. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this down below! :) This DIY was requested and I was really happy to make it. You can also request me to make another lip related DIY and I'll happily make one! :)

DIY Lip Balm

You need a healthy lip balm that can keep your lips moisturized at all times and not just a few minutes after applying it. This recipe is so easy to make and it's healthy for your skin. It smells absolutely wonderful and it will moisturize your lips instantly. I had a whole ton of fun making it, too! The ingredients can be found at any local craft store near you. Let's start, I'm pumped!


  • Coconut Oil
  • Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) 
  • Old Lipsticks/Crayons
  • Small Container
  • Vanilla Essence 


1. First off, take a bowl and pour a designated amount of coconut oil

2. Now, add the same amount of Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) as you did for the Coconut Oil into the bowl

3. Go ahead and cut off some bits of old lipstick. I chose the colours red and pink to make a peachy colour


*5. Pop the bowl into the Microwave for about 45 seconds*

6. Once you take the mixture out the microwave, the mixture should be thick similar to cream

7. Take your container and start to add the lip balm mixture in it

8. Once your done adding the mixture in the container, take your container and tap it on a hard surface to level it. Clean any of the sides if necessary 

9. Finally, add your lip balm into the freezer for about half an hour or so until it sets

10. Voíla! A lovely lip balm just for you! 

Overall, it turned out just the way I wanted! I was really surprised at the fact that it was so moisturizing. It smelled amazing! I really recommend you to try this lovely DIY out. Commnt below if you want me to make more DIY's related to beauty/makeup. :)

(I forgot to add the picture of when I added the Vanilla Essence, sorry!)

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