About this Blog!

Hey! Welcome to my Blog! I'm really happy you found it! My name is Mariam Mohsin. I'm Pak-Canadian and I'm 12 years old! (I know). I made this blog to show the world my two talents; fashion and DIY's. All my knowledge put to the test, you know. I love making DIY's and I'm obsessed talking fashion. Well, I'm not a natural or a "featured or famous" blogger just yet, though I'm not going to let my nightmares ruin my dreams so quick. I hope to become a Lawyer someday (Not related to my blog-in any way).So, in conclusion, I hope you like the effort I put in to edit my blog! Please remember to ask before using my pictures on any content. Thank you! Love you guys for all the support! ❤️ I'd really appreciate it if you followed me!


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