Red Carpet At The Oscars

Red Carpet At The Oscars

Red Carpet At The Oscars by Mariam featuring pink throw pillows

"Inspired by Emma Stone's flawless and elegant look"

Reem Acra tulle dress
$6,425 -

Alexandre Birman self tying shoes

Jimmy Choo leather purse

Eye makeup
$165 -

Maybelline lipstick

Deborah Lippmann nail polish

Pink throw pillow
$29 -

Black and white wall art
$74 -

Minimalistic OOTD 🖤

Minimalistic OOTD 🖤

Minimalistic OOTD 🖤 by Mariam featuring neck ties
"Perfect minimalistic outfit for anyone"

Saloni neck tie

Short shorts

Short boots

Gold stud earrings

Tech accessory

Wayfarer sunglasses


Modern Cowgirl Look

As we go further into 2017, I'm noticing much of the retro style fashion trends are coming back--whether it's from the 80s, 90s or the 2000s.

I headed out to Urban Outfitters and saw some cute boots. They gave me an idea of putting something rather "cute" and "flawless" together. I decided to buy them. They were $15.99, still saving me lotta bucks.

I then looked around some shops looking for pitch-black-patched tights. After half-an-hour or so, I made my way to H&M. Finally, I found them! They had a 'gloss' type texture at the end. They were for $18.00, (sold with a couple of gold-crescent earrings).

Next, I was hoping to find a cute top matching the theme. The first shop hopping into my mind was Hollister. I had to find a top which was denim and had a retro "touch" to it. In a few seconds, I found "the killer top" I've been waiting to get my hands on. It was like my imagination expressed on a piece of cloth. Without hesitation, I quickly grabbed it and was running to the counter-- (okay, maybe not running, I was walking. I had a Jugo Juice smoothie in one hand). I paid $24.99 for it which wasn't so bad.
The only thing that was left to buy was some accessories and some matching fragrances to go along with it. For the accessories I went to Forever XXI. I knew it had the perfect bracelets--just waiting for me to get them. I found a pack of gold bracelets in different styles--cubes, circles and ovals; which were absolutely adorbs. For the lotions and body sprays I headed out to Bath & Body Works--obvi. When I stepped in, I didn't know what to pick and where to start. I was so confused. I then decided to ask someone working there to maybe help me out. A sweet lady by the name of Emille guided me. She told me that the more warmer smells had a more western feel while cold ones didn't. I then finally found my "dream hand lotion" named Country Apple.

And with that, the Modern Cowgirl Look is complete.

 Off-the-hook-cute boots, pitch-black-patched-tights, killer top, and some great accessories wraps everything up.

Talk about P-U-N-K!