Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadow Squad - 710 (Not Just Nudes) Review

I recently purchased the Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadow Squad in #710: "Not Just Nudes." It is a palette containing four neutral shades of Cream eye shadow. It only cost about seven dollars plus tax so the price is extremely reasonable.

I actually picked this eye Shadow Squad up completely by accident. I meant to get these four colors, but I wanted a powder eye shadow product rather than a cream eye shadow product. I just assumed that this was powder Shadow because it comes in packaging identical to the powder Shadow palettes I have purchased from Revlon in the past. I couldn't return the product once I opened it and discovered that it was Cream so I decided to try it out anyway, I am kind of glad that I made the mistake of buying this product because I absolutely love it. I would even go as far as saying that this is probably my favourite neutral cream palette of eye shadow from a drug store brand!

I love neutral eye shadow palettes and quads in general so it really did not surprise me that I loved these colors. What did surprise me was the love of the consistency of this product. I typically do not pick Cream eye shadow products because I don't like the way they blend. However, I have become a huge fan of this product. The cream literally feels as smooth as butter. Blending with these eye shadows is so much easier I thought it would be!

The colors are beautiful. All four of them are well pigmented, though I would definitely say that the darker two eye shadows are more pigmented than the lighter two. All four colors have great staying powder. They do not crease once on my lid.

I really love this palette because these versatile shades are ones you'll turn to again and again, and the creamy texture doesn't crease at all!

Let's test the colours out!

Here is a matte dark brown that looks great for adding "texture" to the eyelid

This is a matte light brown which I always use. It's great for blending in with lighter eye shadows

A shimmery medium brown always does the job. This shimmery colour is great for everyday makeup

This particular shimmery light beige-cream colour is really light and nude. It blends directly on to the skin

Overall, the colours are great and should blend into any skin type/color. I rate this palette 10/10. It's just so perfect! I'm still really impressed of the fact that the cream does not crease, especially on my oily eyelids! 

Comment below if you've tried this palette or any of the other Revlon Illuminance Shadow Squad series. :)


  1. OMG! I absolutely love these colours. They're so light. I have Wild Orchids from the line but the colours aren't nude at all. They are "flowery" and stuff. The dark purple colour is my favourite in the WILD ORCHIDS palette.

  2. This is great! Love the matte and shimmery colours. All of them are perfect together once blended in.

  3. I've tried this palette many times! Whenever it's done I buy a new one. It's amazing! Plus, it suits my skin color!
    -Kisses from Malak

  4. LOVE the colours. This palette was actually real trendy back in 2015 but I still use it a lot. LOL! Great review. Hoping for more makeup related reviews!